Combining ClickBank, PLR Articles And Niche Blogs to Test New Niches

Combining ClickBank, PLR Articles And Niche Blogs to Test New Niches

©2011 Doug Champigny,
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

ClickBank affiliate marketing is one of the most reliable ways to make money online today. There are many reasons for this – ClickBank has a huge selection of products to promote, affiliate marketers can find products in almost any niche there, and ClickBank has never been late paying out affiliate commissions in the over ten years they’ve been in operation.

Today, I’ve got an affiliate marketing training video for you that shows you how to use ClickBank affiliate marketing to test various niches for profitability without much time invested, using niche PLR articles and a couple of WordPress plugins to build niche affiliate marketing blogs quickly and easily – automated niche marketing blogs that will stay updated for a couple of months or so, giving you plenty of time to assess the value of digging deeper into that particular niche to grow your affiliate marketing business.

How To Combine ClickBank, PLR Articles And Niche Blogs to Test New Niches:


The Affiliate Marketing Tools Used In The Video:

The Adsense Alive PRO Pack contains both the blog theme and the Stealth Links plugin, or you can get either on it’s own using the links on that page. The most important part, though, and the part you’d need to automate any existing affiliate marketing blogs you already have is the Article Post plugin

Use that link to grab it for your own ClickBank affiliate marketing, or get more info on why the Article Post plugin is the Fastest Way To Blog.

Watch the video again to be sure you have the steps down pat, or simply bookmark this post or subscribe to the feed to get back easily, then download your themes and plugins and get started! No doubt you already have niche PLR articles sitting on your drive – and here are 3 PLR blogs to watch for new release announcements:

So there you have it – the next step on your way to being a super-affiliate and all the perks that come with the position… Just make sure to take action on the knowledge and get your niche affiliate blogging into high gear using ClickBank affiliate marketing and niche blogging with PLR articles!

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Affiliate Marketing Techniques: Using PLR To Promote ClickBank Products

Affiliate Marketing Techniques: Using PLR To Promote ClickBank Products

©2010 Doug Champigny,
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Using private label rights (PLR) to promote products on ClickBank is by no means new – advanced affiliate marketing pros have been using PLR articles to push ClickBank products for some time now. They’ll take the articles and use them to build targeted blogs and sites and then populate those virtual properties with graphics and text ads that contain their affiliate links for the products they want people to buy.

So instead, today let’s focus on using PLR e-books & reports with private label rights to promote ClickBank affiliate links. The concept is the same – you download your PLR reports, find related products to promote, add your affiliate links where appropriate in the text content and as recommended resources at the end of the report. Next you want to get that report out to as many targeted leads as you can, so let’s look at how to do that and how to further monetize the process to increase your affiliate commissions…

One of the keys to getting the widest possible distribution of your new reports to targeted leads is to give the report away for free, preferably using a list-building squeeze page system. These systems consist of a squeeze page detailing the report and offering it for free when they fill out your opt-in form, a confirmation page explaining that they have to click an e-mail link to verify their address, and of course the download page itself. Right off you can see this is a step toward higher affiliate commissions, as each person downloading your free report is also adding themselves to your opt-in lists, giving you permission to remind them of your current offer and to notify them of other affiliate offers down the road.

But since only targeted prospects would want the report, now let’s take your marketing efforts another step forward and add those targeted affiliate marketing promotions to the squeeze page system as well, promoting ClickBank products on the confirmation page and download pages as well. So now you have 4 ways to earn bigger affiliate commissions using PLR to promote ClickBank products – affiliate ads in the PLR report, affiliate ads on the confirmation page, more affiliate ads on the download page and of course your ClickBank affiliate links in the e-zine or e-course you send those who opt-in.

Once your report and squeeze page system are online, use social media sites like Twitter & Facebook to offer your free report, send the link to your existing subscribers, do adswaps with other marketers, etc. Use every legal and ethical means of generating targeted traffic to your free gift to fully maximize your affiliate profits. Then, once you’ve set up your targeted traffic funnels to keep sending new targeted leads on autopilot, it’s time to start preparing the next report and squeeze page system.

I’ve made it easy for you to see how to use PLR to promote ClickBank products, so now let me make getting it all set up even easier for you. First here’s 5 PLR reports that come with ready-made squeeze page systems you can use to get started, and you’re about to download all 5 for less than twenty bucks. Then you can get hosting and unlimited pro autoresponders for about $20 a month from Now all that’s left to decide is which ClickBank products you want to promote and get them into the report and onto your confirm and download pages and you’re off to the affiliate marketing races!

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Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Use All 3 Types Of Videos For Affiliate Marketing Success

Advanced Affiliate Marketing – Use All 3 Types Of Videos For Affiliate Marketing Success

©2010 Doug Champigny, – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

There are 3 different types of effective video promotions you should be incorporating in your advanced affiliate marketing: live action, screen capture and software-generated video. In today’s TV and sound-bites culture, video is one of the most powerful tools in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

The first type, live action video, is the most common – you simply stand in front of a video camera and deliver your pitch. This can range from a laid-back introduction to yourself and your products to the hard-sell super-pitches made famous by the late Billy Mays. You’ll also find video interviews with one or more experts work well when done correctly.

The second type, screen-capture videos, usually fall into 1 of 2 categories – either showing a ‘virtual tour’ of a site or the operation of a piece of software, or the recording of a webcast or webinar. These are especially valuable for the affiliate marketing of software programs to show ease of use or the power of a new program, the extensive range of benefits to a new membership site, or to bring the content of an informative webcast to a much larger audience than might have attended live when the event was first broadcast. In the latter case, just be sure that any special offers mentioned in the video recording remain available, and that your affiliate marketing link remains onscreen at the end long enough for people to be able to copy it down.

The final type, software-generated videos, can also be divided into two most common types – text based and image based. The former is often an extension of affiliate article marketing, and is created by taking an audio version of your article and either having the entire text appear onscreen as it is read, or having just the main points written onscreen as each paragraph is read. The latter is created like a slideshow, with a succession of graphics or photos appearing along with a voiceover, music, a text overlay or any combination of the three.

With video editing software evolving quickly and prices dropping almost as fast, video has come within reach of almost every affiliate marketing business. As a result, the only restrictions on using affiliate marketing videos has become your own imagination and the amount of effort you’re willing to put in to achieve your affiliate marketing success online. Start making money online using affiliate marketing videos now!


Super-affiliate marketing mentor Doug Champigny is also an experienced glamor videographer and author of Creating Your Own Videos. Download Doug Champigny’s free ‘Video Marketing Today‘ webinar recording to learn more about using affiliate marketing videos to make money online now!


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Affiliate Silver Bullets Fix ClickBank Pirate Problem For Affiliate Marketers

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love ClickBank Pirate! It’s a fantastic service for affiliate marketing pros and newbies alike – they’re complete ‘done-for-you’ affiliate marketing squeeze page systems and autoresponder followup e-courses mean that all you have to do is send targeted traffic to each month’s new page to earn potentially huge affiliate commissions from ClickBank, and through both promoting their service and promoting some of the monthly packages I’ve had affiliate commissions from ClickBank every month since the ClickBank Pirate launch early last year.

But from my super-affiliate viewpoint there was always one flaw in their system – obviously not a big enough problem to stop me from being a member, but one that meant I haven’t promoted it quite as heavily as I could have…

The list you’re building through those squeeze pages isn’t your own. The good news is it’s used to push the product through followup e-mails all coded with YOUR affiliate link. You don’t need to set up the autoresponder, write the followup e-mails, etc – that’s all done for you. But when you want to move on and promote a different product or service, you’re starting from scratch again – you don’t have access to that previously-built list of prospects to send your next promotion to.

As I said, not a major problem – if you know how to drive traffic to the first site, you simply repeat that action to send them to the second site. And not having to set it all up and write all the e-mails compensates for it – but only to a point. To really grow your affiliate marketing commissions, you need to be building your prospect list, adding the new opt-ins this month to those you secured last month, etc. This gives you the long-term growth that leads to building a secure online income. But you do need income NOW while you’re building for that future, so ClickBank Pirate remains an important component in your affiliate strategies.

But yes, you DO need to be building your opt-in lists continually, building an ever-increasing number of prospects who’ve asked you to keep them aware of developments and new releases in your chosen niche(s). And that’s where Cindy & Soren have evolved their system they designed for ClickBank Pirate and fixed the situation with their new release, Affiliate Silver Bullets.

This time you have your choice – you can leave it all hosted with them and handle it the way ClickBank Pirate runs, or you can download some or all of your sites and host them yourself, building your list in your own autoresponder system instead. Since they’ve already done all the research, writing and creation for you, you simply upload it all to your account, hook it into one or more of your autoresponders there and start driving that same traffic…

Unlike CB Pirate though, this system comes with a set number of sites as opposed to an ongoing service, and you can choose to take the OTO and download them all today or take the 7-month plan and pay for them as you download them over the next 7 months. So don’t be tempted to switch from CBP, use this one as a supplement to it instead – even use your ASB sites to build a list specifically to promote your ongoing CBP sites if you like.

But either way, be sure to add Affiliate Silver Bullets to your affiliate marketing arsenal today and adjust your strategies and plan of action to include them as both an additional source of affiliate commissions AND another tool to help you build opt-in lists – thus covering off the two main areas of affiliate marketing yet again.

Remember, the success of your online work-at-home business comes not from any one site or tool, but from building a number of new traffic resources, list-building resources and profit streams, all automated and integrated into a professional affiliate marketing business system. A system that should now include these powerful new Affiliate Silver Bullets!

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Affiliate Marketing And Your Secret Affiliate Income Tips

Affiliate Marketing And Your Secret Affiliate Income Tips

©2010 Frank Michaels of Secret Affiliate Income. All Rights Reserved.

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing online business, and has become more widely accepted by most people. There are more people who are trying to find out more about this mode of money making opportunity. Indeed, there is a vast potential in this business, and if you want to get started, you will have to find out how the ‘gurus’ are doing it, and learn how it works for them.

In affiliate marketing, there are a few things that you will need. First, you will need to find a product or service to sell. Next, you will need to advertise it somewhere and make money when people buy the product from you. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to have a huge start up capital, there is a lower risk as compared to setting up a offline business. Due to the low cost and massive market reach online, you can start cashing in money in a short period of time.

The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to drive targeted web traffic to your merchant’s site, and you will get paid commissions for every product or services sold. Therefore, you do not need to worry about holding large amount of goods on hand. You can drive traffic using pay per click, list building, media buys or building an SEO-optimized site.

Just keep in mind, you will need to generate targeted traffic to the site to make profits, and be really successful in affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you are also the traffic generator.

Frank Michaels is a successful affiliate market who has earned his first pot of gold online! He has also helped hundreds of people to start their own affiliate marketing business. Cut your learning curve in half and stop wasting your time and money on the unknowns. Find out how you can start your own affiliate marketing business with his Secret Affiliate Income today!

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Surprisingly Strong Residual Affiliate Marketing Commissions!

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online quickly, but in most cases it’s tough to make money on a residual or recurring basis. Most sales are one-off products, and you make your money sending new people to buy it. ClickBank introduced recurring billing into their system this year, allowing merchants to now offer membership sites and the like, because ClickBank would now track and process the monthly payments on an ongoing basis. Great news for affiliates too, since you could now refer people once and make money over and over.

As a professional super-affiliate though, I knew what to expect since I both own membership sites and have promoted many more over the years. A reasonable expectation is that people stay with most paid membership sites for 3 months or so, or at least that’s been my experience as an affiliate.

Now you can tell from my postings here I haven’t really actively promoted ClickBank Pirate since August, when the service first launched almost 5 months ago. Based on my previous experience, I would have assumed almost all of my referrals would have left the site by now – but that certainly isn’t the case! I’m still seeing renewals (which ClickBank lists as Rebills in your stats) on a constant basis, and have made mone pretty much every two-week period since the site launched! (ClickBank Pirate is billed monthly, so not every 2-week ClickBank pay period includes rebills for me.)

So while I wasn’t that pleased with my results during the original launch, my attitude towards ClickBank Pirate has certainly improved since then as it’s turned into a much better money-maker for me than it had appeared it would – so much so that I heartily give it two thumbs up if you’re looking for a great service to promote as an affiliate marketer!

I guess I should have known it would do well, since both Cindy and Soren are excellent marketers themselves and no strangers to affiliate marketing before they launched the service. Recognizing that most affiliate sales these days are made on the back-end after offering a free gift of true value, that’s how they’ve structured the site – every month members get a new squeeze page to promote, pre-built and already online, and just send traffic to pick up the gift.

This month, for example, the squeeze page is giving away a report entitled Affiliate Resources – and as they’ve done each month the squeeze page is professionally done and even includes short sales videos – take a look at the squeeze page so you know what I’m referring to. Best of all, the new squeeze page doesn’t replace the previous ones, it’s in addition to them… That way blog posts, articles, podcasts banners and any other affiliate promotions you have online can continue driving traffic to the links they sport without reaching a dead-end or being redirected to something other than the prospect expects.

I’ve promoted a couple of these free reports now through various channels, but not given any the push they deserve – to be honest I’ve just been too busy promoting our own products, other affiliate and joint venture opportunities and doing e-zine swaps to continue building our list. Yet we’ve made some affiliate commissions from these free reports as well – first, the autoresponder sends them a pre-written series of e-mails guiding them to the ClickBank product being promoted, and secondly the links to that product within the report itself are branded with my affiliate links.

Best of all, I didn’t have to do either – both the autoresponder series and the branding are done for me as part of the monthly service! The downside to this is that I’m not getting the leads the pages generate since they’re going into the pre-built ClickBank Pirate autoreponder system, but that’s more than compensated for by the days of effort I skip by not having to write the e-mails, brand the e-book, design the squeeze pages, etc.

Now don’t misunderstand – I’m a super-affiliate so my results aren’t typical of the average affiliate – but since most affiliates have a lot less to promote, they may be putting in a lot more time and effort promoting ClickBank Pirate and could see similar results. In fact, I don’t want you joining ClickBank Pirate because of how much I make from it or even because you could make any given amount. While I DO want to see you join it, there are more important reasons why I think you should – reasons that have nothing to do with how much or how little you make. In fact, even if you were to lose money on the site, the education you can glean from ClickBank Pirate would still be well worth it!

For those new to affiliate marketing, there are two such reasons to join. The first is that everything is done for you on the technical end of things – the product is chosen, the free report is created, the squeeze page uploaded, the followup e-mails written and loaded into the autoresponder… All of which you’d need to learn how to do if you were trying to do this alone! All you’re really trying to do is drive targeted traffic to a new offer each month – and being free to learn traffic generation is an awesome opportunity – it’s one of the most necessary skills online, whether you’re gong into affiliate marketing, mainstream Internet marketing or niche marketing – even just blogging for that matter… Every single site needs targeted traffic!

The other advantage a ClickBank Pirate membership has for newbies is the chance to see how it’s all put together – the whole system described above. Sign up for your free reports, watch the system of pages involved in getting your gift, how it’s laid out and what offers appear where. Then download and read the reports, read each e-mail you get from the system – and learn from it all. That’s why I say even if you invest and never make a sale it can still be well worthwhile – for the education available if you take the time to absorb it!

If you’re an old seasoned pro like myself, you’ll already know the system – although it’s a good refresher if you haven’t built a funnel recently. But the real advantage is having all these reports just sitting in our arsenal, waiting for those rare days when we have nothing good to promote – just pick up your link for the report of your choice and fire it out to your lists. The system will take care of the rest. Over-promoted paid products to your list during a big launch? Reward them with a free report – one you just might make money on… And one you don’t have to think about after you send it, since the system is fully automated.

If you’re ready to take action, follow my affiliate link to ClickBank Pirate now and get your account. If you’re still not sure, download this month’s free report and see what you think of it all – don’t worry, there’s a link to the site in the report too – use that once the report convinces you, ok? ;-)

Happy New Decade – may it be filled with ever-increasing affiliate commissions for you as your affiliate marketing prowess continues to grow!

About The Author…

Internet Marketing Mentor & Speaker Doug Champigny

Doug Champigny is a world-famous Internet Marketing mentor & speaker and a recognized super-affiliate who has been online full-time since 1996. Be sure to visit his Internet Marketing Blog, his Affiliate Training Blog and to follow Doug on Twitter!


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Downloaded Your Free ClickBank Commissions Blueprint Yet?

So – have you downloaded your free ClickBank Commissions Blueprint yet? In my last post I told you about the power of ClickBank – the world’s largest digital download directory that runs an affiliate marketing program for every product listed there.

Whether your affiliate marketing activities are focused around Internet marketing, affiliate marketing itself or any other online marketing in any of the main niches, you’ll find great products there to promote as an affiliate. It’s so powerful in fact that every affiliate strategy should include the use of ClickBank to a larger or lesser degree.

That’s why this free report is important enough to warrant a second post – any time you can get free information to help boost your affiliate marketing commissions you should grab it immediately. For one thing, any guide to any form of affiliate marketing tactics is going to add to your professional knowledge, and often tricks you learn will be applicable across a whole range of affiliate marketing promotions.

So don’t miss out on this one – download your Easy ClickBank Commissions Report now!

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Read To Maximize Your ClickBank Earnings!

Clickbank is one of the giants of internet marketing, occupying the most important and valuable spot in the affiliate marketing universe. With thousands of products available for marketers to promote, the potential for earning massive amounts on Clickbank products is very, very real. If you’ve ever struggled to maximise your Clickbank returns, or just felt let down by the amount of conversions and earnings that your Clickbank sites are bringing you, then you’d better read on and be amazed at the simple tricks that can earn you a massively-successful Clickbank income.

Are you read for a high six figure income, generated all from the comfort of your own home? Clickbank offers many hugely profitable and successful products for marketers to refer, but without the right combination of long-term marketing strategy, and short-term PR and advertising know how, your Clickbank business could be dead before it even launches. Without strategy, any business will struggle to make back its money in effort, even with the most dedicated and motivated team behind it. Don’t become one of those marketers pulling 80 hours weeks just to keep their sites in the public eye, instead become a smart marketer; continually optimising your pages and studying the most profitable and important examples, digesting their tactics and using them for yourself.

This free report, compiled using information and techniques from some of the world’s most successful Clickbank marketers, is just what you need in order to supercharge your Clickbank success. With a massive amount of information included, this report is the perfect cure for anyone that’s tired of low Clickbank earnings, poor traffic and conversions, and a high hop rate. Turn those problems into massive success stories by investing in the smartest traffic and marketing techniques, and watch your success come straight to you.

Click Here To Download Your Free Clickbank Blueprint!

Don’t despair, your Clickbank worries can and will disappear when you apply the right principles, ideas, and strategies to your business. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, instead focus on what the most successful and influential marketers are doing. That’s where the true secret to success lies — in making the most of the most important and successful tactics, and using them to ruthlessly optimise your online business. A six-figure Clickbank income really is possible, and it is just a small amount of marketing and business knowledge away from you. This free report, full of the most valuable Clickbank advice offered by the most successful affiliate marketers, could be your step into the most profitable online journey you ever take.

Click Here To Download Your Free Clickbank Blueprint!

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Note: This post was supplied by ClickBank Pirate and contains affiliate links to your free report.

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Affiliate Marketing News: ClickBank Pirate Launch Announced!

ClickBank Pirate, a new service to make affiliate marketing using ClickBank products much easier, has been announced by it’s creators, Cindy Battye of Australia and Soren Jordansen of Denmark.

Earn faster affiliate commissions via ClickBank with the new ClickBank Pirate

Until now, affiliate marketers who wanted to properly market ClickBank products had two choices – either fight for affiliate scraps with the majority of other ClickBank affiliates, e-mailing, tweeting and blogging about the products and hoping to send enough targeted traffic to the merchant’s site to earn decent commissions.

Super-affiliates, in the top level of affiliate marketing, knew better. Top product creators are almost never great marketers, meaning the merchant’s salespages almost always leave a lot to be desired – and conversion rates of traffic-to-sales is usually fairly low as a result. So super affiliates create, or outsource the creation of powerful pre-sale materials to ‘warm customers up’ to the product before they hit the salespage.

Taking it a step further, they’ll usually commission a small report to use as an ‘ethical bribe’ – the term given to resources given away free to entice targeted prospects to opt-in to the affiliate’s e-mail list. This then gives the affiliate a number of opportunities to give the prospect more information about the product and the area of interest, positioning themselves as an expert on the subject. Of course, it also gives them that many more times to show the potential buyers the product in question, then move them along to the next related product after that.

Realising that newer, less experienced affiliate marketers wouldn’t be able to do all that themselves, ClickBank pirate is designed to take care of that – they’re creating that entire promotional back end for various ClickBank poducts their members can promote. Even better than just handling the technical end of it all, ClickBank Pirate also frees up a lot of time for the affiliates, letting them focus just on the actual marketing end of the business – which hopefully will produce higher sales and a faster start to the affiliate ommissions rolling in through ClickBank.

The CB Pirate service is set to start taking members on Tuesday (August 4th, 2009), launching at 10am EST. If you’re reading this before they open the doors to affiliates, you can get ClickBank Pirate info here. If, on the other hand, they’ve already launched by the time you see this, just go straight to the ClickBank Pirate website.

If you’re already into affiliate marketing, or want to make money online full or part-time, you owe it to yourself to check out ClickBank Pirate right now – as a super-affiliate I’ve already had access to the members area of the site, and I can honestly say it’s a great resource. Visit ClickBank Pirate now!

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How Does The Clickbank Marketplace Work?

Clickbank is a service that connects people who are trying to sell products (merchants) with those who wish to buy (customers) or promote them (affiliate marketers). It sounds like a simple enough concept but there are plenty of competitors that fail to measure up to the successful business plan offered by Clickbank.

There are many ways to make this service work for you. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that Clickbank is the best and largest service of its kind on the web today. Clickbank is currently home to more than 10,000 digital products and adding to their listing of products each and every day.

So, how does ClickBank work?

Clickbank is essentially a database of digital products being offered for sale. It connects those wishing to sell these products with publishers that are willing and eager to promote these products for a percentage of the proceeds. In addition, Clickbank introduces product creators to buyers who are willing to make the purchase of their products directly from Clickbank.

Clickbank works because it is built on a platform that works. Everyone gets paid, the products get delivered, and everyone is able to benefit from the experience. Clickbank is proud that in 10 years they have never been late on a merchant payment or affiliate commissions. When you consider the sheer volume of transactions that are made on a daily basis through the Clickbank marketplace this is not an accomplishment to be taken lightly.

It is now possible to also handle recurring billing memberships through the Clickbank marketplace in addition to the countless one time purchases that can be made. It is possible to offer up to 500 products per Clickbank account. This can bring in a great amount of money if you offer a few quality products that invite recurring billing or for affiliates who promote products with recurring billing.

More importantly, Clickbank handles the finances leaving you to focus on product creation or promotion. Product creators do not need to worry over affiliate payouts. Instead, Clickbank handles the details and allows you to do what you do best rather than wasting valuable time and resources trying to create a platform that takes payments, delivers products, issues refunds when needed, and pays affiliates who have made sales of your products.

All of this is done for a fraction of the total price of the products sold. It seems like such a small price to pay in light of all the benefits that doing business through Clickbank presents. Check it out today and see what Clickbank has to offer – it’s an amazingly powerful affiliate marketing resource!

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