Affiliate Marketing News: ClickBank Pirate Launch Announced!

ClickBank Pirate, a new service to make affiliate marketing using ClickBank products much easier, has been announced by it’s creators, Cindy Battye of Australia and Soren Jordansen of Denmark.

Earn faster affiliate commissions via ClickBank with the new ClickBank Pirate

Until now, affiliate marketers who wanted to properly market ClickBank products had two choices – either fight for affiliate scraps with the majority of other ClickBank affiliates, e-mailing, tweeting and blogging about the products and hoping to send enough targeted traffic to the merchant’s site to earn decent commissions.

Super-affiliates, in the top level of affiliate marketing, knew better. Top product creators are almost never great marketers, meaning the merchant’s salespages almost always leave a lot to be desired – and conversion rates of traffic-to-sales is usually fairly low as a result. So super affiliates create, or outsource the creation of powerful pre-sale materials to ‘warm customers up’ to the product before they hit the salespage.

Taking it a step further, they’ll usually commission a small report to use as an ‘ethical bribe’ – the term given to resources given away free to entice targeted prospects to opt-in to the affiliate’s e-mail list. This then gives the affiliate a number of opportunities to give the prospect more information about the product and the area of interest, positioning themselves as an expert on the subject. Of course, it also gives them that many more times to show the potential buyers the product in question, then move them along to the next related product after that.

Realising that newer, less experienced affiliate marketers wouldn’t be able to do all that themselves, ClickBank pirate is designed to take care of that – they’re creating that entire promotional back end for various ClickBank poducts their members can promote. Even better than just handling the technical end of it all, ClickBank Pirate also frees up a lot of time for the affiliates, letting them focus just on the actual marketing end of the business – which hopefully will produce higher sales and a faster start to the affiliate ommissions rolling in through ClickBank.

The CB Pirate service is set to start taking members on Tuesday (August 4th, 2009), launching at 10am EST. If you’re reading this before they open the doors to affiliates, you can get ClickBank Pirate info here. If, on the other hand, they’ve already launched by the time you see this, just go straight to the ClickBank Pirate website.

If you’re already into affiliate marketing, or want to make money online full or part-time, you owe it to yourself to check out ClickBank Pirate right now – as a super-affiliate I’ve already had access to the members area of the site, and I can honestly say it’s a great resource. Visit ClickBank Pirate now!

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10 Responses to Affiliate Marketing News: ClickBank Pirate Launch Announced!

  1. Luca Di Nicola - Follow this person on Twitter

    ClickBank Pirate sounds like a great way to learn how to promote affiliate products. A lot of the hard work will be done for you. Will have to look at this one – Thanks Captn
    .-= Luca Di Nicola´s last blog ..Are Your Niche Sites and Mini Sites Optimized For Targeted Keywords? =-.

  2. I’m a firm believer in pre-selling.

    Sounds like ClickBank Pirate will take care of all the time consuming processes. Both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers will benefit from any kind of automation. Definitely worth checking it out.

    Thanks Doug for posting and sharing this information.
    .-= Achinta ‘Archie’ Mitra´s last blog ..The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay =-.

  3. Lonnie Minton - Follow this person on Twitter

    Doug, been watching this. Have looked at the first 2 reports. Looks very interesting. Waiting to see more details. Will be interesting to see how the autopilot concept works.
    .-= Lonnie Minton´s last blog ..Bogging And Consistency =-.

  4. Eric Bonnici - Follow this person on Twitter

    Hi Doug,

    Just from reading the free prelaunch Click Bank Pirate Treasure Map PDF its obvious this is going to be an excellent product. Especially, for newbies or those that lack top webdesign and development skills.

    The free pdf makes it obvious there is a sound Internet Marketing at work here. Clickbank product review pages that everyone is teaching has lost its effectiveness as far as I’m concerned. And directlinking to a clickbank sales page worked for me only when a new and unique product launched. Once more people started promoting it direct linking lost its effectiveness. Going for the subscriber first not the sale is what the top marketers do! Just from reading that along with everything else it looks like this is a winner.

    Looking forward to seeing this ClickBank Pirate in action.

    Eric B

  5. Brett McEllhiney - Follow this person on Twitter

    Can’t wait to see the inside of this.

    Looks like it is going to be very interesting!

    Should definitely help to automate most of the tasks involved with affiliate marketing on Clickbank.
    .-= Brett McEllhiney´s last blog ..Free Ebook on Building a Niche Marketing Business =-.

  6. Nicole Dean - Follow this person on Twitter

    Sounds fascinating to me. I’m excited to see how’re they’re planning to automate the process.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Doug!
    .-= Nicole Dean´s last blog ..Weird Niche: Cruises & Clothing-Challenged People =-.

  7. Andre Arnett - Follow this person on Twitter

    Thanks for the info, really looking forward to getting inside this new launch. Anxiously awaiting the doors to open so appreciate you keeping us informed.
    .-= Andre Arnett´s last blog ..Are You Understanding The Power Of Twitter? =-.

  8. Joel Osborne - Follow this person on Twitter

    This is a fantastic new service, it should help a lot of new affiliates start making some nice commissions. The best part is that it’s all automated, you just have to send the traffic and they will do the rest.
    .-= Joel Osborne´s last blog ..6 Tips To Make More ClickBank Commissions – ClickBank Pirate =-.

  9. Mike Paetzold - Follow this person on Twitter

    Have to agree Clickbank Pirate is going to be a huge leg up for new marketers and something they really need to consider.
    .-= Mike Paetzold´s last blog ..Big Red Easy Button – Myth or Fact? =-.

  10. Alex Sysoef - Follow this person on Twitter

    This is an interesting concept Doug and knowing quality that Soren puts out – I’ll have to check this one myself. I love when I can put something on autopilot and let it work :-)
    .-= Alex Sysoef´s last blog ..3 Ways To Cross Promote Your Content And Get More Loyal Readers =-.

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